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Basic website navigation can be broken down into three parts: Buttons, Sections and Pages.  On this page we'll discuss the core of your web site... Pages.

Pages are where your content actually goes.  So far you have created the Menu items that allow your visitors to navigate your site, now we're ready to add the content to which they are navigating.

Each type of page allows to add content into the "Editable Content Area" with an editor right inside of your browser.

To Add or Edit a Page, you'll use the "Edit Menu".  This menu shows up on the top left of the web page when you are logged into the site and have edit capabilities to the page you are on.

If you are unsure of how to login to your website, check out our page on Logging In.

The contents of the Edit Menu will change depending on your level of security, defining the items you are able to edit.

If you have edit privileges for a Section, you will have the ability to Add and Edit Pages within that Section.  These menu items are: "Edit [page name] Page", "Edit [page name] Page Style", "Add A Page" and "Delete This Page". The text "[page name]" will be replaced with the Page you are currently on. 

In order to Edit or Delete a Page, first, navigate to the Page you wish to manage by clicking through the Main Menu, Sub Menu and Page Entries (if applicable) until you get to the page you wish to maintain.  Now when you lower the Edit Menu, you will see the options to Edit and Delete the Page you are on.

You can Add a Page from any location within a given Section.  The Page will be added to the end of your Page List by default.  You can change this location while you are editing or adding the Page.

When you Add or Edit a Page, you will see a screen similar to the one on the left, with the following items you can edit:

  • Icon: Each page within your site can have it's own "Favorite Icon".  The Display of this icon is dependent upon the browser you viewers are using, however, this icon will generally show up on the left of the Address Bar, in the Bookmark or Favorite list as well as shortcuts made onto the desktop.  This icon will also show as the page's icon on the Home Screen of an iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Symbian and many other web enabled Cell Phones.  To add or change an Icon, with your mouse, click within the box next to the word "Icon".  Another window will display allowing you to upload and choose the image you wish to use as an icon.  Do not worry about sizing your image to be a small icon.  The system will do this automatically for you so you can choose any image you wish.
  • Title: The text you enter in the Title field will show as the text within this Page's link on the page.
  • Seq: The set of options within this "Pull-down" allows you to adjust the position of this Page within the Page List.  Sequence or Seq 1 will display at left most of the Page List.
  • Comments By: The web is no longer a One Way publishing of information, it's about community and conversation.  One way to achieve this is through the use of Comments.  Comments can only be added by people who have signed up as a guest to your site, so it's not just a way for people to communicate with you, but a way for you to build a client or member list.  You as the administrator have the ability to remove any unwanted or comments, so don't worry about opening this up.  This drop-down is a list of the Security Groups you have in the system, so it gives you the ability to restrict the commenting ability to only the individuals you trust or Everyone who signs up as a Guest.
  • Content: The "Content field is not labeled "Content".  It is the large space just above the "Ok" and "Cancel" buttons.  You use this area just like you are editing a Word Processing document or an Email.  Just above this area are several controls that should look familiar to you if you've used a Word Processor.  This lets you change things about your text such as: Bold, Italics, Underlining, adding Images, changing colors... the list goes on.  If you highlight some text within the editor (click and hold your primary mouse button and drag across the text), then right click the highlighted text (or Option Click on a Mac), a context menu will pop up giving you additional editing options for the text you highlighted.

    Be very careful when changing font types and sizes within a page.  These many changes on one page can lead to confusion for your visitors.  If you want to change the Font Type, Font Size, Page Width, Colors, Backgrounds or anything that will effect the entire page, DO NOT make those changes here.  There is another technology that works much better and has MANY more features.  It's called "Page Styles", and we cover that on another page.  See "Stylize Your Site" for more information.

  • OK and Cancel: When you press "OK" your changes will be saved.  If you press "Cancel", no changes will be made, and if this was a new Page, the Page will not be created.

A special note about Images.

When you upload images and graphics to your site, it is recommended to use Jpeg (.jpg) or PNG (.png) formatted files (.gif files are not recommended, use PNG instead).  Upload the largest size you have.  The Site supports up to 5 megapixels and file size up to 7 megabytes.  When you re-size them in the Page Editor by clicking and dragging the corners of the image, the server will reduce and sharpen your image to exactly the size you need automatically.  This is very powerfull feature of our system.  This allows you to upload one image and use it multiple times within your site at any size you need, and your viewers are only downloading the correct size.  This reduces your workload and speeds your site up dramatically.

If this is a Photo Album, Member List, Forum or Activity Dashboard, the content you enter here will show up at the top of the page with the Type Specific content showing below.  If this is a Content Section, the whole page will be dedicated to the content you enter.  Articles, Blogs, Login/Logout, Admin/Profile, Headers and Footers are special Section Types and are discussed on their respective pages.

That's it... that's all you need to know to create and maintain the Pages within your website.

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