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Headers and Footers are very special types of sections.  All of the other section types create a new Sub Menu button and then you create pages of that type and they show up as separate pages within that Sub Menu section.

Headers and footers do not follow that structure.  When you create a Header and/or Footer section within a given Button, it adds an area of Editable Content Above (Header) or below (Footer) the rest of the page.  This Header and/or Footer will then cascade down and show up on every page within that Button and every other Button that follows it.  If, however, you create a new Header or Footer on a subsequent page, that new Header or Footer will now cascade down and show on every page from that point forward, or until it is overridden again.

This is a very handy feature since the header generally has your site's logo and a one line description or welcome statement and the footer generally has your, or your company's contact information: Name, Address, Phone and such.  This way you only have to enter that information once and it shows consistently across your site.


If you decide to put a main contact email address here, BE CAREFUL!  There are a lot of bad guys on the web, and they send out "Bots" or programs that look at your website and collect anything that looks like an email address and sell it to SPAMMERS.  One trick that I use is to place a space before and after the at (@) symbol.  I can't guarantee that this will work, but it has worked for me so far.

To add a header or footer, go to your home page for example and add a new section.  If your not sure how to add a Section, check out our Sections page for more information.  When creating the section, change the type to either Header or Footer and save it by pressing "OK". 

You are then given a page editor to add the content for your Header or Footer.  Once you save that page, instead of the section you just added showing up in the Sub Menu just like all of the other sections, they will show up as additional content on the top (header) or bottom (footer) of your page.

Once you have a Header or Footer and you have the secutiry to edit them, you will see new items in the Edit menu for Editing and Deleting the Header or Footer pages.

Headers and footers are very valuable.  They give a consistent look and feel to your site while providing a way for your visitors to contact you at any time without having to navigate to only a special "Contact Us" page.

That being said, they should also be kept small and brief so they don't get in the way of your visitors enjoying the rest of your site.  To provide more contact information, your site should have a "Contact Us" page as a Main Menu item and your Footer should also have a link to this page.

You now have all of the information you need to create successful Headers and Footers.

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