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Please Disregard. 

Content may be king but you never get a second chance at a first impression.  That's why the look and feel of your site is so important, so it's time to Stylize your Site!

Stylizing your site includes modifying the location and look of your headers, footers and menu items. 

We're still working on moving this functionality to the "Edit" menu just like everything else, but for now, once you login to your site, go to: (replacing "YourSiteName" with the domain name of your site).  From there select "Layout".  We know this is cumbersome and we are working diligently on moving it to the "Edit" menu.

Once on this screen, you can make modifications and you will see the results in the live mock-up of your website.  Once you are happy with the layout, press "OK" and your changes will be saved.  If you don't want to save your changes, press "Cancel" and your changes will be discarded.





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