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Scheduling Calendars allow you to... well... schedule things... anything really, but where they really shine is when they are used as a "Resource Scheduler".

For example, several flying clubs and flight schools use it to schedule their aircraft.

Members can log into the website, look for an available aircraft and an available time and make their reservation.  If their chosen timeslot is taken, they can make a "backup" reservation and if their timeslot becomes available, they will automatically get an emal notification.

If the aircraft has to go down for maintenance, the mechanic can create a "priveleged" reservation, it automatically takes first priority and anyone who had a reservation for that time frame becomes a "Backup" reservation and they get an email to that effect.  If the aircraft again becomes available, they will also get an email.

The flight schools can also set up security, allowing only certain members the ability to schedule various aircraft, requiring a special set of requirements or checkouts before it can be scheduled.

But it doesn't have to be aircraft, it can be anything.  We have Photographers using our system to schedule time in the studio, Hair Salons using it to schedule time with their stylists, astronomy groups to schedule telescopes...

The options are virtually endless...

The following pages will show you how to set up your resources, get email notifications and how to schedule your resources.


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