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Scheduling Calendar Sections can only be created under a user's profile page and allow a user to schedule resources and is also how you create resources, but we'll cover that on another page.

In order for a user to schedule resources, they must have a calendar of their own.  When a new user is created they will automatically get a Scheduling Calendar section so you may not even need to create calendars under normal usage.

When you create a Scheduling Calendar section for a user, the Header area is available for you to add content that would be valuable for your users to know about this calendar or resource.  Most people leave this area blank for normal user's calendars but my put in important information for a resource for the user to see before they decide to schedule a particular resource.

The rest of the page is dedicated to the calendar itself.  Navigation to the varous calendar views and moving day to day, month to month and year to year are built right in for your convience.

First thing to note is that in order to create a scheduling calendar you must be either be in the Calendar Administrator (CALADMIN) or Publication Administrator (PUBADMIN) group.  If you are then....

To add a Scheduling Calendar Section, go to the user to which you want to add the Scheduling Calendar Section and use the Edit Menu to add a new section.  If your not sure how to add a Section, check out our Sections page for more information.  When creating the section, change the type to Scheduling Calendar.  Most people prefer to keep their calendar private or to only show other members.  To do this, change the "Viewer Security" to read "Members" or whatever security group you wish to allow viewing and save it by pressing "OK".  

You are then given a page editor to add the content of Heading area of this Section.  Once you save that page you will be taken back to the page from which you started.

Once you have created a Scheduling Calendar Section and Page, and you have the security to edit them, you will see new items in the Edit menu for Deleting the Calendar Page and Section you just created as well as the ability to Add another Calendar to this Section and Edit the Calendar's Settings, Header and Style.

If you want to add another Calendar to your Scheduling Calendar section (you would probably only do this for resources) use the Edit Menu and select "Add a Calendar".  You are then given a page editor, like before, to add the content heading of the new calendar.  Once you save that page you will be taken back to the page from which you started.  Since this is the second Calendar you have created in this section, you will now see each page listed within the "Pages" area.

That's all there is to add calendars for a user to begin scheduling resources.  Well.. almost... you now have to create some resources to schedule.  Go to the next page to see how that's done.

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