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The short answer is, as a calendar administrator:

  1. Go to your Resources Member page.  (If you don't have a user for Resources, create one first.
  2. Go to it's Calendar.
  3. Using the Edit menu, Create a Calendar.
  4. Using the Edit menu, Edit [Calendar Name] Settings.
  5. Under Allow Scheduling By, add the groups (i.e. Members) that can schedule this resource.

That's it... but continue reading if you want the full details.

The Steps to Creating a Resource and Creating a Calendar are almost identical.  You see, a Resource is just a normal calendar for a user that is then set to be schedulable by other users.

So the first thing you want to do is come up with a good name for your resources.  Aircraft clubs generally choose "Aircraft" while a baseball league may choose "Field" or "Equipment".  And don't worry, you can make more than one.

Now create a user with that name... to stay generic we'll just use "Resources".  If you're using our sister site "" we've already set up that user.  You can see how to create users on our Users documentation page.

Once your user is created go to their profile either by logging in as them and then selecting "My Profile" from your main menu, or by going to:  For example, if your website was "" and the user you set up was "Resources", you would go to

You will see that they already have a calendar section set up, most likely called, "My Calendar", and if you go to that section, you will see that there is already a calendar set up.  The only thing we have to do to make it a resource is to make it "Schedulable" by other users.  We do that by going to the "Edit" menu in the top left corner and then choosing "Edit [Calendar Name] Settings".

On this screen there are several options, the first of which is to make it a "Resource" by choosing who can schedule it.  Under the area labeled "Allow Scheduling By:", choose the groups for whom you want to add scheduling privileges.  Most people choose "Members" but to learn more about Security Groups, please go to our Security Groups documentation page.

If you would like members to be able to receive an email whenever this resource has an Event (reservation) created, modified or removed, you can check the box labeled: Enable Email Subscriptions.

If you would like to restrict members from scheduling resources too far out into the future, you can enter a number of days in advance you would like to allow scheduling into the field labeled: "Scheduling days in the future:".  If you do not want any limitation, place a zero (0) in this field.

When you are done with your settings, just press "Ok" to save your changes.

You have now made a resource that can be scheduled by other users.


Now, to see how to schedule that resource, go to our next page titled: Creating an Event


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