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Before you can edit your website, with the proper permissions, or access any secured pages, you first need to login to your site.

In order for you to login to a site, you first need to have been given a login.  An administrator of your site may have given you one, or you could have signed up as a "Guest" to the site (we'll cover this later).  Either way, you will have been provided a UserID and Password.  You will need these to login.

Once you have your login information, go to the website.  If the site has set up a Login button, you will see it listed in the site's menu as "Login/Register".  If that button is there, go ahead and press it.  If you do not see that button, you can also go to:

Once you have gone to the login page with either of the two methods mentioned above, you will see one of two login pages.

With most sites, you'll see the page to the left.  Here you can enter your User ID and Password.  Your password is case-sensitive and the letters will not show, so be very sure of what you are entering and make sure you Caps Lock key is NOT on.

Once you have entered your information, press the Login button.  If your information is correct, you will be logged in and taken back to the screen you came from.  If not, you will be returned to the login screen so you can correct your information and try again.  You may only try three times.  After that you will be blocked from logging in again for 24 hours or until you close your browser and re-open it.

If you are on a "Club" website, you will see the page to the right.  This page requires that you enter a Club ID along with your User ID and Password in order to log into the site.  This ID can be provided to you by a Club Administrator.

If you have forgotten your password, just enter your User ID and then select the checkbox: "I forgot my password.".  You will be send an email, to the address the site has on file, with a new randomized password.  Once you receive it, go back to the website and use it to login.  Since your new password was just sent over email, which is not a secure method of transport, Login ASAP and make sure you go to your profile and change your password to something that is secure but you can remember.

If you do not yet have an account on the website, and the site allows it, you can register as a guest.  In the Green box, simply enter the random letters you see and press the button: Register Now! .  If you get the letters wrong, you will be returned to this screen with new random letters to try.  Once you enter the letters correctly, you will then be taken to a screen for you to enter the UserID you would like as well as an Email address for a random password to be sent.  There is also some optional information you may enter, rules for those fields vary by site.  Once you are done, scroll to the bottom of the screen where you will see the site's Privacy Policy.  Read the policy and select either "Accept" or "Don't Accept".

To Add or Edit a Section, you'll use the "Edit Menu".  This menu shows up on the top left of the web page when you are logged into the site and have edit capabilities to the page you are on.

If you are unsure of how to login to your website, check out our page on Logging In.

The contents of the Edit Menu will change depending on your level of security, defining the items you are able to edit.

If you have edit privileges for a Button, you will have the ability to Add and Edit Sections within that Button.  These menu items are: "Edit [section name] Section", "Add A Section" and "Delete [section name] Section". The text "[section name]" will be replaced with the Section you are currently on. 

In order to Edit or Delete a Section, first, navigate to the Section you wish to manage by clicking on it and if there is more than one section within that button, click on the Section within the Sub Menu you wish to edit.  Now when you lower the Edit Menu, you will see the options to Edit and Delete the Section you are on.

You can Add a Section from any location within a given Button.  The Section will be added to the end of your Sub Menu by default.  You can change this location while you are editing or adding the Section.

When you Add or Edit a Section, you will see a screen similar to the one you see above, with the following items you can edit:

  • Seq: The set of options within this "Pull-down" allows you to adjust the position of this Section within your Sub Menu.  Sequence or Seq 1 will display at left most of a horizontal menu or at the top of a vertical menu.  See our page on "Stylizing your Menus" to see how to change between horizontal and vertical menus. (This page is not yet complete)
  • Name: The text you enter in the Name field will show as the text within this Section's button on the Sub Menu.
  • Editor Security: PUBADMINs can edit all pages within your website.  If you would like to grant an additional group of users to be able to edit the pages within this Section, you can select it here.  There are several Security Groups built into your web site (i.e. Members, Guests, PUBADMIN, etc...).  You can, however add any number of additional Security Groups so you can divide up the editing capabilities of your website.  See the instructions on "Security Groups" to see how to add and maintain these Groups. (This page is not yet complete)
  • Viewer Security: By default, all pages you create are viewable to everyone.  You do not have to be "logged in" to see these pages.  However, you can secure pages so they can be viewed only by select members.  By selecting a Group here, you will restrict the viewing of all pages within this Section to the Group you select.  In fact, unless you are a member of a group chosen here, you will not even see the Sub Menu button for this Section.
  • Type: This is where you define the Type of Section you are creating.  Every page within this Section will be of the same Type.  The available Types are: Content, Article, Blog, Photo Album, Member Lists, Forums, Login/Logout, Admin/Profile, Header, Footer and Activity Dashboard. You can get details on the various types of Sections by following the links above or by going to the pages on Section Types.
  • OK and Cancel: When you press "OK" your changes will be saved.  If you press "Cancel", no changes will be made, and if this was a new Section, the Section will not be created.

    Once you create a Section, you are taken directly to the Page Editor.  If this is a Photo Album, Member List, Forum or Activity Dashboard, the content you enter here will show up at the top of the page with the Type Specific content showing below.  If this is a Content Section, the whole page will be dedicated to the content you enter.  Articles, Blogs, Login/Logout, Admin/Profile, Headers and Footers are special Section Types and are discussed on their respective pages.

    That's it... that's all you need to know to create and maintain the Sections that show up in the Sub Menu of your website.

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